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Welsh Adventure

Another successful weekend away with the She Who Dares girls, reliving some memories and creating some new ones. This time the accommodation was luxurious, no more outside or shared showers, comfy beds and clean linen, bliss, and compensation for the long haul down there. Laugharne was as lovely as ever, and after weeks of rain, the sun emerged, the sea sparkled and we set off for our first activity, coasteering. The water was bone numbingly cold, a shock to the system after the first jump, but still inviting. So much so that when land yachting was cancelled due to lack of wind and we were offered the choice of a walk or coasteering again on the second day, we opted for coasteering. Maybe next time we'll learn our lesson and go for the walk. Despite the chill, the scenery was spectacular, the caves secret and dark, and the jumps exhilarating.

There will be more blogs on our current adventures to follow, watch this space and come over and join us!


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