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She Who Dares Published

I started blogging about our She Who Dares group some twelve years ago, a couple of years after I joined the group. The blog grew into a book (still available on Amazon) and metamorphosized into adventures in a writing life. Without the boost She Who Dares gave my confidence, I may not have dared to take a creative writing MA and become a published author. The group celebrated its thirty-year anniversary recently, a good time to take a trip down memory lane, so we've added a couple of the early blogs that capture the essence of She Who Dares. We may have mellowed over the years, there are more walks and more cake than abseiling and high ropes and the importance of a tea room with facilities has grown, but the spirit is still willing. The camaraderie and ‘have a go’ spirit is still very much in evidence. We still dare.


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