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We're all adventurers

A report emerged recently with the worrying statistic that children spend a fifth less time outdoors than they did four years ago, they wander less distance from home than their parents and grandparents ever did. The opposite could be said of She Who Dares. We wander when we don’t mean to; in a field, with the map upside down, in a town, the wrong way around a treasure trail, in a car, arguing with the sat nav. Our group holds fast to the spirit of exploration. It has helped me re-discover our local area, finding walks and pathways we didn’t know existed. We’re all adventurers.

When I first joined, many years ago, I eavesdropped on members tales of exotic travels and was inspired to be more adventurous myself. Our group has reclaimed the exploratory spirit we may have lost since childhood, we could show these youngsters a thing or two! We might not have had the confidence or means to travel when we were younger, but now travel has come to us all. Our trips together have explored the British Isles, Wales, Scotland, the coasts and hills, further afield skiing in France and independently, the world. In the last year members have been to Vietnam, Budapest, France, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Valencia and Nepal. Spread us out, we make a human atlas. We could swap notes and write a She Who Dares guidebook, there’s a thought.


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